Urban design

The best option for urban spaces, sports tracks, greenways, commercial land...

Urban design

The spaces where outdoor sports are practiced are taking prominence in the cities, we look for places where we can perform healthy and leisure activities in outdoor areas. These environments tend to be pollution-free zones with cutting-edge urban elements, accompanied by increasingly sustainable materials. Our company is a pioneer in researching new materials that can be used in these "outdoor" areas with bactericidal materials, with decontaminating and anti-abrasion active ingredients and with a host of advantages that make us a leading company in this sector.

The variety of uses that our most technical materials can offer to the environment range from artificial grass football pitches (sports facilities that take centre stage at sports club bases, social clubs to provide users with a multi-sport space...), greenways/tourism cycle are spaces predominantly made with traditional materials such as asphalt, cement or others typical of urban pavements. Today, these trends are changing and we are looking for environmentally friendly materials that provide improved usability (lightness, shock absorption, VOC-free space ...) compared to roads made with other materials.

The bus shelters are meeting places for many people, ideal spaces for the placement of elements that help us in the elimination of pollutants that may be harmful to our health.

These are some of the elements that we can change, as well as tree beds, benches.

Now more than ever, changing the urban landscape is in our hands.


Prevent fungal growth (anti-bacterial)

Strong antibacterial effect that kills all bacteria such as E. Coli/Staphylococcus aureus, prevents the growth of fungi, algae and mold.

Decontaminate Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)

Group of gases composed of nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The main sources of NOx are cars, power plants and other industrial, commercial and domestic sources that burn fuel. Which generate health problems, redness of the skin...

Eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Volatile organic compounds are easily converted into vapors or gases that are dangerous air pollutants, reacting with other atmospheric pollutants is one of the destroyers of stratospheric ozone.

Odour reduction, surface temperature reduction, EKKO...

The special composition of the coating of our product neutralizes the odors that are usually generated in these spaces. The colour used in the application reduces the temperature in the area.

Coming from a circular economy

A strategy that aims to reduce both the input of virgin materials and the production of waste, closing the "loops" or economic and ecological flows of resources.

Installed by approved personnel

All the installations of our technical products are carried out by personnel who know perfectly the protocol to be carried out.


The tests carried out at the Institute of Biomechanics in Valencia (IBV) certify the resistance to slippage, abrasion and aging by UV radiation and color fastness of our products.

Carbon footprint reduction

The use of materials from circular economy helps to reduce the emission of gases, in turn our products help to preserve the environment for its decontamination characteristics.