New generation de product for water surfaces, anti bactericide, anti abrasion, decrease of surface temperature..., the eco-innovation at our feet

POOLYMER acts as a continuous coating of shallow pools or surfaces and pavement in playgrounds or water parks, which are in regular contact with water.

Poolymer is born from a R+D+i process. It is an elastic granulate, based on a thermoplastic elastomeric compound. It has special resistance to the weather and to humid environments. It is non-slippery, flexible, soft, resistant and 100% recyclable.

As outlined above, Poolymer is a safety product for the floor of playgrounds or water parks, highlighting its great resistance and non-slippery capacity, which makes it ideal for chlorinated water spaces.

Other relevant characteristics of the product are:

  1. High resistance to discolouration.
  2. Reduction of heat absorption caused by the sun, making it possible to go barefoot on its surface, without getting burned.
  3. Generates a feeling of well-being when walking.
  4. Easy repair if needed, practically without noticeable joints.
  5. Attractive visual appearance, allowing you to add designs, drawings or logos.
  6. Hygienic and easy to maintain.

Our water designs turn our client's vision into reality through innovative, functional and safe products.

Where can Poolymer be used?

Our flooring is ideal for use in public and private parks such as hotels, resorts, campsites, housing developments, water parks, swimming pools, beach pools as well as any element in contact with water.



Prevent fungal growth (anti-bacterial)

Strong antibacterial effect that kills all bacteria such as E. Coli/Staphylococcus aureus, prevents the growth of fungi, algae and mold.

Odour reduction, surface temperature reduction, EKKO...

The special composition of the coating of our product neutralizes the odors that are usually generated in these spaces. The colour used in the application reduces the temperature in the area.

Coming from a circular economy

A strategy that aims to reduce both the input of virgin materials and the production of waste, closing the "loops" or economic and ecological flows of resources.

Installed by approved personnel

All the installations of our technical products are carried out by personnel who know perfectly the protocol to be carried out.


The tests carried out at the Institute of Biomechanics in Valencia (IBV) certify the resistance to slippage, abrasion and aging by UV radiation and color fastness of our products.

Carbon footprint reduction

The use of materials from circular economy helps to reduce the emission of gases, in turn our products help to preserve the environment for its decontamination characteristics.